Step by step : How cremation service works

Nowadays most of those who passed away are cremated based on convenience or belief. Cremation is the process of turning the body of the person who passed away into ash using heat. Cremation is usually done in the open air but in modern times people use specific chambers to do the cremation. Today we will learn step by step how cremation services work.


Usually, family members will identify the deceased and a metal id will be placed on the body of the deceased. This id will be with the deceased for the whole process of cremation for verification purposes.


In this step, the family members of the deceased (usually mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter) will need to complete some paperwork so that the procedure can be started. They also will need to decide what kind of urn they want to use and who is responsible to collect the ash of their loved ones after the cremation.


The deceased body will be bathed, cleaned up and dressed accordingly. Sometimes family members will request some personal items to be added on and this request usually will be accepted. Only things that are combustible and can react to the heat will be avoided like some medical devices. Embalming will not be done unless requested by a family member. Those establishments in charge of cremation usually have on-site refrigerators. Once all is done the deceased will be put on a container or vessel for the last rite. Family members and friends will be permitted to see their loved ones for one last time.


The deceased will then be transported into a cremation chamber or commonly known as a retort. The cremation process is done using a heat up to 2000 degrees Celsius for 2 hours or more. After the cremation process is done, it will go through a process of cooling down for a few more hours. If you are from California and have lost a loved one or even preparing for the future, don’t worry as Arlington Cremation Services will take care of everything. Affordable and no hidden fees with the best service. Contact them directly or through this site

After cremation

After the cremation, the bone fragment will be collected together with other non consumed items which are checked visually or using strong magnets. The size of the bone fragment will be further reduced using a mechanical process. The final remains will be sealed in a plastic bag and put inside a special container or urn of the family members choosing. Finally, it will be given to the family members to finish up according to their rituals or beliefs.