Retirement assets

finley11Generally, retirement benefits that accrued or were earned before a marriage are separate property, subject to equitable exceptions and based on the facts of each case.  Likewise, a party is typically entitled to 50% of their spouse’s retirement that vested or accrued during the marriage.

Dividing the retirement asset can be done by “offset” of other portions of the marital estate, if available, or a awarding a “deferred benefit”, meaning that you are either awarded a lump sum from a 401K or monthly benefit from a pension plan.

Valuation of a “defined contribution” plan, e.g., 401(k) or profit-sharing, is the account balance in the plan on a given date, such as the date of separation or divorce.  Valuation of a defined benefit plan, e.g., a pension, on the other hand, requires that the right to future monthly payments be discounted to the present-day lump sum value.  This involves accounting for factors such as expected retirement age, mortality, and future income tax liability.

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