Problems with residential builders

35It is an implied provision of a contract of home improvement that the work be performed in a workmanlike and professional manner and in compliance with any applicable building code or local ordinance.

In general, Michigan law requires certain types of jobs or trades to be done by a licensed contractor if the job’s total value is $600 or more, including material and labor. Otherwise, the contract is void and unenforceable.  The following trades and jobs typically must be performed by a licensed contractor: new construction/remodeling of homes, apartment, buildings, condominiums, townhouses, etc., carpentry, concrete, excavation, insulation, masonry, painting & decorating, siding, roofing, screen & storm sash, gutters, tile & marble, house Wrecking, swimming pools, replacement of windows/doors /garage doors, laying wood floors, and basement waterproofing.  However, the following jobs typically do not require a license: drywall, fences, awnings, sewer and septic, water lines, sprinklers, pavers without mortar asphalt paving, house moving carpeting and vinyl floors (not wood), and plaster and lath.

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