If your potential case involves discrimination or retaliation for having complained about discrimination, you should file a charge of discrimination or retaliation with the MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL RIGHTS (“MDCR”) within 180 days of the discriminatory or retaliatory treatment, or with the U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION (“EEOC”) within 300 days of the discriminatory or retaliatory treatment in order to preserve your right to bring your claim in federal court; otherwise, you will be barred from bringing a federal discrimination case in federal court. Once the MDCR or the EEOC has finished its investigation of your case, you will likely be issued a Notice of Right-to-Sue letter, with a 90-day time limit for getting your case filed in federal court, meaning you have to file your case within 90-days.

The foregoing is general information only and does not constitute legal advice regarding your specific legal matter nor does it create an attorney-client relationship regarding your matter.