Facing a divorce is a traumatic and stressful situation, both emotionally and financially.  It can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions regarding your case when it comes to issues of custody, parenting-time, support, and division of the marital estate.

At the Finley Law Firm we will assist you in creating a new living arrangement to make the transition for you and your children as smooth as possible.

In Michigan, the court examines numerous factors when determining who is awarded primary physical custody and how legal custody of a child will be divided.  When you come to the Finley Law Firm for your divorce concerns, we will discuss the factors examined by the courts in custody arrangements, including:

  • The emotional ties between parent and child
  • The financial means and emotional ability to raise the child
  • Existing home and school environments, as well as proposed living arrangements
  • Mental and physical health of all involved
  • The child’s preference, depending on his or her age
  • Ability of both parents to continue to work amicably in raising the children

In addition to helping with custody-related matters, there are very important financial matters to address, including:

  • Proper valuation and division of the marital estate
  • Division the marital share of retirement assets
  • Restoration of any separate or premarital property
  • Alimony or spousal support

At the Finley Law Firm, we understand the difficult nature of a divorce and work to guide you through the legal process, including key insight into the Court, Judge, and opposing attorney, to provide the advice you need to make informed decisions regarding your proceedings.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your divorce, custody case, or support case please call (734) 475-4659. 

The foregoing is general information only and does not constitute legal advice regarding your specific legal matter nor does it create an attorney-client relationship regarding your matter.