Child support

chequeIn Michigan, child support is typically based on the child support formula, based on income, overnights, number of children, and any daycare or uncovered medical insurance premiums.  However, “income” is broadly defined and it is therefore important to input a party’s real income, especially if the payer is self-employed or owns a business.  At the Finley Law Firm we have experience in unearthing hidden income through discovery techniques and forensic financial experts, if necessary.

Sometimes, however, the Court may deviate from the formula. For example;

  • If a child has special needs
  • If an unemployed parent is taking care of the child during the day thereby expending funds without receiving credit for the overnight.

Child support payments can also be modified after divorce if there is a legitimate change in your financial circumstances.  The Finley Law Firm handles both modifications and enforcement of child support payments.

The foregoing is general information only and does not constitute legal advice regarding your specific legal matter nor does it create an attorney-client relationship regarding your matter.