Benefits of a College Consultant

Navigating the college admissions process can be a significant challenge, especially for students who may want to achieve admission to an Ivy league or other competitive institution. Companies such as Ivy Select work as college consultants for students. They help students strategically plan for admission to their top schools and navigate through the process. There are many benefits to using a college consultant such as the following.

1. Individualized Attention

Schools have their own counselors which can be beneficial. However, the average ratio of student to counselor is typically in the hundreds. High school counselors are an available resource but they may not have the time to provide specialized attention that’s needed to get into a competitive school. A college consultant is going to devote the necessary time for one-on-one counseling that will help students prepare for admission into their dream college.

2. Expertise

The college admissions process hasn’t remained the same over the years and it continues to evolve rapidly. Expert advice can help students navigate this process. A college consultant works in admissions and knows what each school needs for admission. They have the formal education and training, attend professional conferences, and keep up with the new trends that guide admissions at these schools. They use their expertise to guide and empower students to apply and gain acceptance to their top schools.

3. Finding a Good Fit

A good college consultant not only helps students navigate the process of finding and applying to college, they can also provide guidance for students who may now know where they want to go. A good college consultant emphasize the student’s success and overall fit over simply gaining acceptance. College dropout rates are around 40% today. One of the best ways to prevent dropouts is to find a school that’s a great fit for students. These consultants specialize in learning about individual colleges and can provide students with insights that may help them find the perfect match to thrive.

While having a college consultant isn’t strictly required, it’s a great option for students today. They can receive personalized attention and support through their high school years to find and gain acceptance into a great college. Consider using one of these consultants and get started well before senior year for the best results. Getting started early will put students on the path to success as they begin to think about what’s next after the high school years.